As many homeowners know from experience, moles cause quite a lot of damage to the property surrounding homes. They will cause mounds of dirt, or “ridges,” to rise uprooting plants and causing “sinkholes” around the property. This is because of the mole’s diet which consists of earthworms, grubs, insects, and other organisms that are found in the dirt. They live within the dirt and dig tunnels through the dirt to find their meals. They can often be confused for voles, as they both dig tunnels. Moles, however, are not vegetarian and dig deeper tunnels that can range to about 10 inches.

Moles are about as big as a potato with small eyes and a long pointed snout. Their hands and feet are webbed allowing them to “swim” under the ground in their tunnels easily. Unless they are looking for a mate, they usually stay quite deep in the soil. They are not after plants or roots, but are purely carnivorous. So, keeping vegetation away from your soil will not necessarily solve the mole issue. 

Moles are commonly seen in Tennessee because of the warmth and rain. In the spring and rainy season, the ground is softer and looser, allowing easier movement within the dirt. So after a long period of rain, you might see mounds of dirt appear in your yard. The 10-inch deep tunnels can be quite harmful when stepped in and collapsed. 

Moles can be quite difficult to track down and take care of. This is when a professional needs to be called! Are you having issues with moles in your yards? Call Preventive Pest Control today for a free estimate!

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