The raccoon is an animal that is generally harmless to the public, but can be a pest when they are on your property. Raccoons only live up to about 5 years old, so most of the animals you see on your property are very young with most only about 1 year old. They eat plants, insects, and animals, but are not very picky eaters. They are known to go through your garbage picking apart trash bags until they find leftover food leaving a mess.

Why are these animals considered pests? Raccoons can transmit diseases to humans. Like most outdoor animals, raccoons can be hosts to a number of pests including fleas, lice, and ticks. They also eat a variety of objects making their droppings able to host larvae. If a human were to come in contact with its droppings, they could come in contact with a roundworm egg called Baylisascaris procyonis which can cause blindness or even death. 

Raccoons are more active during the nighttime. They can be tough pests to capture. There are, however, plenty of preventative measures one can take to keep the raccoons away from their property:

  • Remove all extra garbage around outdoor garbage cans and keep the lid closed at all times 
  • Regularly clean your outdoor garbage cans — the leftover smell can attract raccoons to the property 
  • Seal your pool at night — Raccoons tend to leave their droppings in water to keep predators from following their scent. Simply sealing your pool at night can keep them away from your home.
  • Invest in a fence to keep them from coming from other areas onto yours
  • Call a pest control professional to help trap and relocate the raccoons

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