Honey Bees


Honey Bees

We are very thankful for Honey Bees! So much so that we as a pest control company take full action into protecting these creatures. We use safer products and avoid spraying plants and flowers. Our goal is to protect the Honey Bees and we will continue to do so in the pest control business!

Why are we thankful for Honey Bees? They make Honey! Which we gladly enjoy in our tea and with different types of food!

Most of the time it is the female worker bees who gather the pollen and and nectar, which they store in small cavities in their hind legs, and then they bring it back to the hive. In the hive, the other worker bees stay busy making the honey. Up to 20,000 bees can live in one hive together!

When a worker bee has located a food source, they have a unique way to sharing the news to the other in the hive. They do a dance! There are two different dances they will do, the waggle dance and the round dance. The round dance lets the others know the food source is as close to them as 80 feet away. The waggle dance, where they move in directions, means the food source is further that 80 feet away. Each dance provides direction to the food source.

Beekeeping is an art form and we are thankful for the Beekeepers who provide a safe place for Honey Bees to continue creating the treat we all enjoy, honey.