Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs

In the 1940’s U.S., Bed Bug control was perfected. Products made to lead to the demise of these pests were made available to Pest Management Professionals. Most people born after 1945 had not yet encountered them in their commonplace. Outside the U.S. Bed Bugs were still thriving. Today they have made an unfortunate come back.

Although, some being theories; these days, due to Immigration, World Travel, rental furniture, and changes in practices Bed Bugs have found their way back. Most Commonly found in hotels, motels, movie theaters, schools, subsidize housing, dorms, shelters, homes, apartments, healthcare facilities, and even in various types of transportation.

The Common Bed Bug

The Common Bed Bug as an adult is only about 1/4-1/5 inches in size. They are a reddish-brown color and you can see the blood in their belly very easily when they are full. The general appearance of Bed Bugs looks like a shiny coat, but they have extremely small, light hairs that can not be seen to the naked eye.

The eggs of Bed Bugs are only 0.04 inches long and white. When the female bed bugs lays her eggs, she also secretes a sticky substance to ensure her eggs will not detach. In order to make it through all five stages of growth, they must maintain a blood meal that more than likely comes from a human host.

To identify if your home or bed is a host to these pests, call a professional. You will also commonly see dark reddish-brown fecal stains or dots or smears of host blood. With heavy infestations you will start to smell a noticeable musty or sweet odor in their main harborage area.

Bed Bug Treatment

Treating for Bed Bugs is a process that takes time and patience. Your best bet at removing Bed Bugs from your home is to hire a Pest Management Professional like we have here at Preventive Pest Control.

Our Bed Bug Program will help ensure your home is rid of these blood sucking pests that have made their way back to the United States. Call our office to discuss your options to removing Bed Bugs from your home. 615-850-4351

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