Yellow Garden Spiders


Yellow Garden Spiders

Why are we thankful for Yellow Garden Spiders?

They help rid your home of flying insects such as flies and bees. The Yellow Garden Spider does produce venom, but their venom is harmless to humans. The importance of their venom is to freeze or immobilize their prey that they flies into their web. The Yellow Garden Spider will stay attached to their webs by a thread of silk, this helps them to feel the vibration when prey has hit their web. Their webs appear to have a “zigzag” design which is thought to be helpful in alerting birds who may be passing through the area. Check them out here.

You will find a Yellow Garden Spider’s web around plants where they can anchor and in most backyard gardens in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. When you see these large yellow and black friends in your yard, do not let them scare you. These are friendly helpers to the pest control business.

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