Lady Bugs


Lady Bugs

Also knows as, Ladybirds, Lady Beetles, or Ladybird Beetles.

Why are we thankful for Lady Bugs?

They are the main predator that helps us control the large population of aphids and scale insects that bring damage to your garden, plants and even crops! Thankfully, Lady bugs have a terrible taste and can “play dead.” These uses are a large defense against birds.

The name Lady Bug might lead you to believe that all are female. This is not true. The common myth tells us that you can find out the age of a Lady Bug by it’s spots. Lady Bugs only live for up to one year.┬áTruthfully, you can tell the different types of Lady Bugs by the number of spots on their back.

Unfortunately, in the United States, we have began to lose a the Lady Bug species, once thinking they had died out. A special project has been created to help track and identify any Lady Bug you may come across. Search for the Lost Lady Bug Project and help scientist determine if, in fact, that Lady Bug is a part of the missing species!

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