What Are Silverfish?


What Are Silverfish?

Moisture, sugar, and starches are a few weaknesses for Silverfish!

Although they can thrive in most environments, they prefer to hide in dark, damp places like basements, garages, sheds, attics, bathrooms and kitchens.

About the size of a nickle, these creatures are harmless to humans but destructive to your property.

They feed upon sugar granules and starches, they also enjoy adhesives such as glue or paint, and this is where the destruction comes from. Keep a close eye on your wallpaper, vegetables, pastas, paper products like stored boxes, pantries and even enjoy your toothpaste!

Silverfish will also find your starched clothes and feed upon them as well. Also, like some other insects, they can jump! They slap their tails on the ground to jump and can go about one foot into the air. Silverfish, like earwigs have been known to crawl into the ears of sleeping people and lay their eggs, and causing ear pain. This is rare, but let us not count it out!

Where does the name Silverfish come from?

Their grey and silver appearance, and fish like movement will help you determine if what you are seeing is in fact a Silverfish.


Below is as photo of a Silverfish feeding upon sugar granules.

What Are Silverfish?


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