Why You Need Year-Round Pest Control Service


Why You Need Year-Round Pest Control Service

The seasons are changing. Winter is near. It is common to think that the colder months will make the pests disappear. Although, you may be seeing less pests swarming around your home, this does not mean they are dead and gone. Aside from Mice and Rats, pests are either in hiding, hibernating or busy laying their next set of eggs.

Keeping year-round pest control services enables your provider to stay on top of any life cycles forming and also helps the Summer, Spring and Fall months see less activity. You don’t get rid of the insurance on your home just because you are not having any problems. You keep this as security year-round. Why not do the same with your pest control?

Pest Control services are a big part of home care. Daring to survive the Winter without an outer barrier of protection is risky- just like not having insurance. While you are lacking the protection, pests see an opportunity to enter your home and begin to make it their own. Most pests can fit through the smallest of cracks you may not even notice. Staying on top of those Quarterly Services will enable us to keep those pests out of your home and kill any life cycle trying to form.

If you are skeptical about keeping year-round pest control service, give our office a call today so that we can put your mind to ease and help answer any questions you may have. We are here to protect your family, pets, and home from the nuisance and health issues that pests can bring. Schedule your next service with Preventive to get a head start on protecting your home and those you love who live inside.

Also, learn about Mice and Rat protection during the Winter. These guys are still active and in search of a warm environment. Most of the time you can find them in your garage or attic!

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We look forward to helping you with year-round pest control services.