How To Winterize Your Home Against Pests


As the morning temperatures begin to drop and the fall air becomes a bit crisper in Nashville, we know that the winter season will soon be upon us. To prepare ourselves for the start of the cold season, we begin to pull out our winter hats, gloves, jackets, and warm clothing, and stowaway the last of our short-sleeve shirts and light clothing.

However, we aren’t the only ones who pull out all the stop to keep warm during the winter. Birds start to fly south for the winter, and the wildlife find secure places to hibernate.

But, what about the animals that can’t hibernate–rats, mice, and other pests? Unfortunately, these creatures like to take shelter in any home they can wiggle their way into. To avoid an unwanted infestation during the winter, it’s essential that you take the proper steps to winterize your home.

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Winter Pest Defense

As you take the steps to prepare yourself for the winter, be sure you do the same for your home!

Here are a few effective ways you can winterize your home against pests:

  • Seal Openings: It doesn’t take a large space for a mouse to worm their way into one’s home. In fact, mice have even been known to squeeze through spaces that are no bigger than a dime! To ensure that no rodents enter your home, be sure to seal any openings that could pose a problem. You’ll want to use a silicone exterior-grade caulk to seal your doors and windows. Also, inspect the area in the exterior of your home where pipes and other utility lines enter. If they seem to have cracks or openings, seal that up as well. Lastly, check your foundation for any cracks. If you find holes that are too large to seal up with caulk, it may be wise to use metal mesh until you seek out professional services.


  • Get Rid of Debris: Any debris you may have in your yard, or in your gutters can be a breeding ground for rodent and pests. Piles of wood, leaves, branches, etc. can be used as a nest for mice and rodents and pests like ants, beetles, and spiders. For maximum protection against pests this winter, be sure that your home and your yard are clear of any debris.


  • Inspect Your Roof: The exterior and the surrounding area of your home are essential to inspect, but many forget to check the roof! Make sure that your roof isn’t harboring any broken or low hanging branches. This could allow pests and rodents easy access to your home. If you own a chimney, you should invest in a chimney cap to keep out bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons.


By taking these important precautions, your home will be properly protected against unwanted pests during the winter season.