Pest Control For Your Business: How to Keep Pesky Critters Out of the Office


Commercial Pest Control

While typical office complaints surround topics like unsanitary bathrooms and disorganization, there are also many complaints about messy kitchen/break rooms. Although most offices have cleaning crews that come in to dust away the crumbs of the 9 to 5 work shift, there’s bound to be lunch leftovers and snack scraps that get left behind. If the cleaning crew didn’t clean it up, and your coworkers certainly didn’t, there’s only one option left: the bugs.

Unfortunately, being confined to the same space every day for 8 hours a day can leave plenty of room for bugs to make a home for themselves, especially if you don’t have the cleanest of coworkers. And if there are enough of them, they can easily find their way to your home by hiding in your briefcase, clothes, or other items you may bring with you to work.

Combating Pests in Your Office

Rodents, cockroaches, even bedbugs are common pests that can worm their way into a messy office. In addition to these critters, ants and fruit flies are commonly found in office spaces since they are easily attracted to fruits and other food that’s been left out. To ensure that your office–and your home–remains pest-free, here are a few things you can do to minimize the problem:


  • Identify problem areas: The first step towards a bug-free work environment is to identify and eliminate the problem areas. Problem areas are typically kitchens, trash cans, or any spots that are common food sources. Sometimes, it’s best to start moving around furniture and desks to locate any nests or cracks and holes in the wall that may indicate an infestation. Once you’ve located the various problem areas, it’s time to get to work.


  • Keep it clean: A great start to eliminating pest to keep your office clean. Wipe down the kitchen counters, make sure snacks in the pantry are properly sealed, make sure your food makes it into the trash can. By cleaning up after yourself and being mindful of any potential messes you make, you’ll greatly reduce the chance of infestation. Urge your coworkers to do the same.


  • Declutter: Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests like to burrow where there’s ample clutter that provides them with shelter. While a cluttered office boasts negative results in productivity, it also leads to plenty of unwanted pests. Keep your office organized, with minimal things on the floor, and you’ll see a vast difference in bug-prevention.

Best Defense

A clean and organized office is the best defense against tough pests. In addition to these simple tasks, it might be wise to bring in the professionals. Exterminators will help to rid all pests from your office and keep them from reappearing. With a clean, professionally treated office, you can goodbye to pesky critters.

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