Why You Should Hire Professional Exterminators When Faced With a Pest Problem


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Keeping rodents and pests out of your home can be quite the challenge. Keeping a clean and organized home may help prevent the infestation of rodents, but bugs and pests will always find a way in. The cohabitation between pests and homeowners should never exist. Not only is the infestations of pests in your home unsanitary, but it can also cause an array of damage to your property–both inside and out. Unfortunately, in light of an insect infestation, many homeowners will try to handle the problem themselves. How hard can it be to kill a few bugs, right? Wrong. If not treated professionally, pests and rodents will resurface. For a lasting defense against pests, hiring a professional pest control service is the way to go. If you need expert exterminators in Nashville, TN, Brentwood or Franklin, TN, contact Preventive Pest Control. Our simple strategy of helping people prevent pest problems before they occur has protected businesses, and households time and again from pest damage.

Still on the fence? Here are a few reasons why you should always hire an exterminator when your home has a pest problem:

  • You’ll maintain a healthy home environment: Rodents and pests are known to carry various diseases and bacteria that prove to be harmful to humans. For example, a variety of cockroach species carry E coli and salmonella, while ticks can carry Lyme disease. Additionally, mouse droppings carry airborne viruses that can cause severe respiratory illnesses. Having a professional exterminator efficiently take care of your pest problem will prevent the likelihood of becoming ill from the bacteria that’s carried by unwanted pests in your home. Hiring a professional pest control service can help you maintain a healthy, pest-free home environment.
  • Exterminators can quickly locate the source of the infestation: By eliminating your home of pests without locating the source of the infestation, you are only opening yourself up to future pest problems. No matter how difficult it may be, professional exterminators will always locate the source of the infestation. Although there any things that can cause an insect infestation (plants, garbage, nests, soil), many times, the problem can be structural. Regardless of the cause, a reputable exterminator will help you find a solution to prevent the possibility of future infestations.
  • Exterminators can identify a variety of pests: Correctly identifying a pest is the key to permanently eradicating it from your home. Different species of rodents and insects have adversities to different chemicals, and it’s the job of an exterminator to know exactly what each is. By identifying a pest, an exterminator will know the exact bait/chemical to use to extract and eliminate them. Not to mention, they know the precise dosage of chemicals to administer that won’t be dangerous to homeowners.

While there’s nothing wrong with being self-sufficient and handy, when it comes to pest control, you’ll want to leave it to the professionals. Reputable exterminators in Nashville, TN, will be able to successfully rid your home of unwanted pests quickly, efficiently, and without causing damage to your home. Remember, if you hire a professional pest control company, you’ll be able to maintain a clean and healthy home environment that’ll be pest free for years to come.